Friday, January 30, 2015

New Behind The Scenes Shots From 40 BELOW AND FALLING!

Here's a couple more shots from the set of 40 BELOW AND FALLING that I'm producing along with Andrew Scholotiuk, Darren Arsenault, Corinne Ferguson, Pierre-Andre Rochat. The Director is Dylan Pearce who I leave alone now as much as I can as he is obviously focused on delivering his vision in 3D of course and 4K! 

That snowmobile you see in the first shot plays a very key role in the movie and it's cool to see it in the flesh rather than read about it in the script! You can see Shawn Roberts (Redford) behind it with the boom mic extended - a chilly day but rewarding for all.

The second shot is of Jewel Staite (Kate) outfitted in a formal gown. Being shot in Edmonton and it's Northern Alberta region, it's definitely brisk in winter; but as we know and many, many other productions, that country is simply gorgeous. And the story demands it! Can't wait for you to see it.

It's extremely interesting to be a part of the mechanism behind making a movie and this crew is absolutely top notch. And day to day planning is of utmost concern especially with an outdoors winter production. For those of you not in the know, we get daily Call Sheets outlining everything you can imagine from call times to set requirements to locations all methodically laid out and in order. It's wonderful to see it all come together so elegantly.

Here's the storyline for the movie:
Starring high in demand Canadian actress Jewel Staite (series regular on Joss Whedon’s hit TV show Firefly and his feature film Serenity, and star of the AMC/Netflix drama series The Killing) and Canadian actor Shawn Roberts (star in the hit movie franchise Resident Evil, co-star in Edge of Darkness, and X-Men) – 40 Below and Falling tells the story of Kate Carter, a teacher from a small, Northern Canadian town, who is moving back to the big city for her wedding. After quitting her job and packing up her life, Kate feels certain that this is the future she has always wanted – that is until her flight gets cancelled by a blizzard and she meets a surly stranger named Redford. With all road travel being suspended, Kate is forced to hop on the back of Redford’s snowmobile and embark on an adventure that will leave her questioning the decision she has made about the man she is set to marry.

For the full boilerplate for the movie, be sure to check it out here. More cool stuff when I can get it for you - stay tuned!


(Photo) Jim Dorey. 2013.

When Ang Lee tackles a project he gives it his all and in this case the project is Ben Fountain's novel BILLY LYNN'S LONG HALFTIME WALK and he is going to shoot it in native 3D 4K and ultra high frame rate.

When I spoke to Ang awhile back he told me that he's excited to work with 3D and having it available to him for projects - and now that we know what his next 3D project will be, my eyes lit up. 

As Lee did with LIFE OF PI, he will be leaping over new technological and creative barriers. To help him do so he's hired one of the best in Demetri Portelli (HUGO, 47 RONIN, THE YOUNG AND PRODIGIOUS T.S. SPIVET) and his team to handle the stereoscopic 3D. They'll be using Sony F65 cameras and the word is Lee's vision is breathtaking. As if you are really there. Think the D-Day scenes in SAVING PRIVATE RYAN but add in perfect immersive 3D shot in 4K and ultra high frame rate. Of course I'm sure Lee has many more surprises for us! Can't wait for this. 

Here's the storyline courtesy of Variety:
Bravo Company and 19-year-old private Billy Lynn survive a harrowing Iraq battle that is captured by news cameras. They are brought home by the U.S. administration for a promotional tour, culminating at the spectacular halftime show of a Thanksgiving Day football game, all while facing an imminent return to the war. Almost the entire movie takes place during the day of the game, with flashes back to the underlying events and Billy’s heroism. 

This is a filmmaker driven project that is original and you simply know that care will be taken to present it in new and spectacular ways. More info when we get it! 

Source: Variety

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

THE HOBBIT: THE BATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES Eying $1 Billion - Opens To $50m In China!

THE HOBBIT: THE BATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES has opened to $49.5m in China which is just about as much as the first Hobbit movie made during it's entire run in the country! Goes to show the recognition that the movie brings now to the Chinese as well as the further development of the theater industry there - especially 3D. With FIVE ARMIES being made in native 3D with world leading 3ality Technica rigs, these box office results underscore what great movie making can achieve.

Peter Jackson's finale to the Hobbit trilogy has raked in $866 million worldwide as of now and as China is it's last major market the echos of the release may be enough to push it to the magic billion dollar mark despite being obviously snubbed by the Academy for Oscars this year. The movie only managed to be nominated for Sound Editing. How it is not at least nominated for Visual Effects is beyond me.

Will THE BATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES hit $1 billion? Will we ever return to Middle-earth again any time soon? I'd dearly love to see some spin offs from these movies - character origins stories, adventures and the like. I doubt the Tolkien estate would allow it, but there would definitely be a huge market for it. Even a bridge movie bringing Legolas together with Strider as described at the end of the movie would be huge.

Can't wait to get the extended trilogy versions on Blu-ray! All the behind the scenes action is what I really enjoy in these boxed sets. Stay tuned for further box office updates!

First Look: Teaser Trailer For FANTASIC FOUR Hits

I think Fox's FANTASTIC FOUR may have finally got it right. They certainly have the right director in Josh Trank (CHRONICLE) and cast with Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, Jamie Bell and Toby Kebbell. Obviously it's hard to get an understanding from just a teaser, but my impression is that the story is having a lot of attention paid to it this time around.

Matthew Vaughn (KICK ASS, X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE) is a Producer on this movie as well giving FANTASTIC FOUR a fine pedigree indeed. I think we are finally in for a treat with this franchise.

Here's the storyline:
FANTASTIC FOUR, a contemporary re-imagining of Marvel’s original and longest-running superhero team, centers on four young outsiders who teleport to an alternate and dangerous universe, which alters their physical form in shocking ways. Their lives irrevocably upended, the team must learn to harness their daunting new abilities and work together to save Earth from a former friend turned enemy.

FANTASTIC FOUR opens in theaters August 7, 2015

Friday, January 23, 2015

International 3D And Advanced Imaging Society Announces Nominees For 3D Awards

Here's this year's nominations for awards from our friends over at the International 3D and Advanced Imaging Society. There is some amazing productions here - I personally loved DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, THE HOBBIT: THE BATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES and X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST. 2014 was a great year for 3D! Very excited to see Jean-Pierre Jeunet being honored here - his THE YOUNG AND PRODIGIOUS T.S. SPIVET looks amazing.

Here's the press release:

The International 3D and Advanced Imaging Society has announced its top nominated 3D features - Live Action and Animation, as well as the 2D to 3D Conversion categories were voted on by the International 3D Society's members for the 2015 Creative Arts Awards Ceremony to be held January 28th at Warner Bros. Studios.

The top live action nominees include “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” (Marvel/Disney), “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” (20th Century Fox), “Exodus: Gods and Kings” (20th Century Fox), “Guardians of the Galaxy (Marvel/Disney), “Maleficent,” (The Walt Disney Studios), “Noah” (Fox/Paramount), “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” (Paramount Pictures), “The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Sony Pictures Entertainment), “The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies,” (Warner Bros./New Line), “Transformers: Age of Extinction (Paramount Pictures), and “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” (20th Century Fox).

In the animation category, the top nominees include “Big Hero 6” (The Walt Disney Studios), “How to Train Your Dragon 2” (DreamWorks Animation, “Mr. Peabody & Sherman” (DreamWorks Animation), “Rio 2” (20th Century Fox Animation), “The Book of Life” (20th Century Fox Animation), “The Boxtrolls” (Laika), “The Lego Movie” (Warner Bros.), “Planes: Fire & Rescue” (Pixar/Disney) and “Penguins of Madagascar”), Fox/DreamWorks Animation)

The nominees for 2D to 3D Conversion include ”300 Rise of an Empire” (Warner Bros.), “Captain America The Winter Soldier” (Marvel/Disney), “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” (20th Century Fox), “Godzilla” (Warner Bros.), “Guardians of the Galaxy (Marvel/Disney),”Maleficent” (The Walt Disney Studios), “Noah” (Fox/Paramount), “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” (Paramount Pictures), and “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” (Sony Pictures Entertainment).

“Many of the leading blockbusters of 2014, were some of the highest grossing 3D films in history, and we are thrilled that this genre of filmmaking has a significant role in film quality and innovation,” said Buzz Hays of the True Image Company and Society Awards Chairman. “These films are visually stunning to watch and are continuously evolving.”

The Society will present its gold Lumiere™ statuettes to winners in 20 categories selected by ballot from 460 of the Society’s professional voting members.

Sky, Atlantic Productions and David Attenborough will receive the Society’s Sir Charles Wheatstone Award for creative excellence in 3D story telling.

Since launching in October 2010, Sky 3D has broken new ground across a range of genres including live music, the arts, sports, movies and natural history, including six landmark projects from Sir David Attenborough with a seventh, Conquest of the Skies, due to premiere on the service this Christmas. Produced by Colossus Productions, a joint venture company formed by Sky and Atlantic Productions, Attenborough’s Sky 3D documentaries have delighted critics and audiences alike, and delivered multiple award wins.

Sir Charles Wheatstone is credited by history as the inventor of modern-day 3D. The Society’s Wheatstone Award has previously been presented to Pixar, DreamWorks Animation, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Panasonic Hollywood Labs.

The Society’s annual Harold Lloyd Award will be presented to Academy Award Nominee and French Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet. 
Jeunet's latest work 'The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet,' starring Helena Bonham Carter, Judy Davis, and Kyle Catlett, was produced in 3D and shot at various locations in Canada and Washington D.C. The film has been released in Europe and the Weinstein Company has acquired North American theatrical release rights.

"Jean-Pierre Jeunet has thrilled us with movies including 'Amélie,' 'The City of Lost Children,' 'Delicatessen,' 'A Very Long Engagement,' and countless others," said Society Awards Chairman Buzz Hays of the True Image Company. "With 'T.S. Spivet,' he has graced us with an extraordinary work of 3D artistry," Hays added.

Harold Lloyd was a keen observer and was deeply influenced by the French filmmakers of his era," stated Suzanne Lloyd, Chairman of Harold Lloyd Entertainment. "As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of Harold first stepping in front of the camera, I know he would be thrilled that this award, bearing his name, be presented to an artist of Mr. Jeunet's passion and achievement," added Lloyd.

Confirmed guests to attend thus far include, Sky Productions Head of Non-Scripted, Celia Taylor, Anthony Geffen, President and CEO of Atlantic Productions, Chris deFaria; President, Animation, Digital Production and Visual Effects, Warner Bros. Pictures, and Marvel Studios, James Gunn, Director, "Guardians of the Galaxy.”

More than 150 entries were judged by the Society’s voters for this year’s honors. Submissions were received from all around the world, including: the U.S., China, Japan, Korea, the U.K., Canada, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, and Taiwan.

About The International 3D And Advanced Imaging Society:
The International 3D And Advanced Imaging Society is a community of content creators and professionals whose mission is to develop the arts and technologies of 3D, advanced imaging and its innovators, as well as educate its members and their consumers. With over 60 companies and 1,800 professional members in 20 countries, the Society is open to individuals and organizations active in moving 3D and advanced imaging to an exciting new era of creative achievement and consumer support. For more information please visit:

More on the awards as they happen! Stay tuned. Good luck to all!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Fox's DEADPOOL Slated To Start Shooting In March

I am a huge Deadpool fan and I've been waiting a long time for this news. Finally we have definitive action on the movie. Hopefully Fox will see the way clear to allow the "merc with a mouth" free reign in doing so - an "R" rating.

They some atonement to make because of how they neutered him in  X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE. Reynolds still managed an awesome scene though as he egresses an elevator and proceeds to wipe the floor with everyone. Deadpool CAN bring a blade to a gunfight and win.

Ryan Reynolds will mask up in his hometown of Vancouver (North Shore Studios) for the production. Suitable as even Wade Wilson (Deadpool's real identity) claims he is Canadian (Marvel NOW Deadpool #3). 

DEADPOOL has a planned February 12, 2016 release. More news when we get it! And it goes without saying - This had better be a 3D release!

Source: Global via Collider

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

AVATAR Update: Sequels Pushed Back 1 Year - Cameron Buys Giant Studios - Further Insight From Source!!

Cameron in Wellington, NZ - Jan 12, 2014. Peter Jackson in background.

Well I had heard rumors that this was happening, but nothing was solid enough to publish so I let it slide. Now it is official and James Cameron has pushed back the AVATAR sequels 1 year. AVATAR 2 is now slated to screen around Christmas 2017.

So what does this mean? It means the movies are technically complex. It means the stories may not be as complete as previously thought.

So let's talk about it being technically complex. How about complex enough for Cameron to go out and buy Atlanta based Giant Studios? Yes you heard right - Lightstorm Entertainment is going to close down that facility and take their intellectual property in house, including Giant's talented creative team. This is a big deal folks. Giant was a world leader in motion capture technology and this gives Cameron a tremendous sandbox with which to play in - with more autonomy.

Now here's where I have gotten some information from a top source that plugs into this. As you know by now, extensive amounts of AVATAR 2 will be underwater (as of now of course - another year can bring about changes). My source says Cameron will be shooting scenes based on a triage of complexity: The harder scenes will be done first to allow ample time for post-production. That means mo-cap / perf-cap. There is a tremendous amount of mo-cap to be done and this is where Giant's talent comes in. Cameron now has an army of experts at his beck and call. Plus he has consulted with Andy Serkis' The Imaginarium for the use of some advanced techniques. It's all very exciting! However it is also time consuming and thus the delay. Shooting mo-cap for underwater scenes is going to be very tricky and has got to be done right. Better than right - James Cameron right.

Let's talk story. My source says there will be the exploration and magical moments, but there is also the retribution of corporate Earth and Stephen Lang. His words: "It's going to be the most elaborate  production in cinema history, bar none." I believe him. He's one of my top sources and besides - Cameron with an astronomical budget will deliver far and above our expectations, I'm sure. He always has.

I'll have more for you as soon as I can. Some of this is breaking news - other bits are just nicely plugging in now. It is certainly a clearer picture - but too bad for audiences, it'll be another year to wait.

Sources: AP | Variety | Deadline
Photo: AP / Nick Perry

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


The magical crew over at Disney have announced what I had hoped would happen since we started following the project way back when Spielberg had a serious interest - GHOST IN THE SHELL will be released in 3D!

I'm thrilled because not only are we finally seeing movement on the project that has been in limbo for awhile, but it will in fact be 3D. With the recent signing of Scarlett Johansson as the lead and assuming director Rupert Sanders (SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN) stays in place we could see production start in months. The release date is slated for April 14, 2017.

The movie's pedigree is outstanding of course from it's Japanese roots, from writer Laeta Kalogridis being originally involved, and William Wheeler subsequently adapting for the screen.

Here's a brief description of the original story's background:
Ghost in the Shell is a futuristic police thriller dealing with the exploits of Motoko Kusanagi, a member of the covert operations section of the Japanese National Public Safety Commission, Section 9, which specializes in fighting technology-related crime. She may be named after one of the three Imperial Regalia of Japan and Shirow makes reference to them at the end of the second manga. Although supposedly equal to all other members, Kusanagi fills the leadership role in the team, and is usually referred to as "the Major" due to her past rank in the armed forces. She is capable of superhuman feats, and bionically specialized for her job — her body is almost completely mechanized; only her brain and a segment of her spinal cord are organic.

I would have loved to have seen James Cameron's BATTLE ANGEL go up against GITS, but hey - no one can argue with his attention to AVATAR 2, 3 and 4!

Further, Casey Affleck's THE FINEST HOURS moves to replace THE JUNGLE BOOK (also in 3D) which needs more time on it's visual effects. TJB moves to April 15, 2016. THE FINEST HOURS is a drama centered on the Coast Guard and sails in on October 9.

And finally, Disney's Pete's Dragon remake is slated for release on August 12, 2016 in 3D.

More updates, like native 3D / 3D conversion confirmation when I get it!

Monday, January 12, 2015

ACTION! Our 40 BELOW AND FALLING 3D Started Lensing Today - In Native 3D 4K!

AND we're underway shooting in Edmonton! Can't wait to bring you up to speed as it happens. I'm so very excited about this special movie and getting you -in close- and behind the scenes with Jewel Staite, Shawn Roberts and our great crew. I'll have more shortly, but for now - we are rolling!

Here's our official press release today:

The cameras are now rolling in Edmonton on the set of 12pt Media’s 3D Romantic Adventure/Comedy 40 Below and Falling. The film will be shot in native 3D using custom built side-by-side and beam-splitting rigs. This new cutting-edge technology has been adapted to effectively shoot in freezing Canadian temperatures and can be easily transported to many different locations – including the Rocky Mountains.

‘We’re able to tap into whole new markets with 4K 3D, and being set in the mountains means we will be able to explore the environment in a way never seen before’, says Producer Andrew Scholotiuk.

The cast and crew will be shooting across Alberta and all around Edmonton under the guidance of Director Dylan Pearce. Joining lead actors Jewel Staite (Firefly) and Shawn Roberts (Resident Evil) are superb Canadian actors Shaun Johnston (Heartland), Cindy Busby (Heartland), Mark Meer, Francis Damberger, Stephanie Wolfe, Janice Ryan, Sevinn Joshee, Mark Labelle, Howie Miller, Mark Kandborg, Belinda Cornish, Reamonn Joshee, Christopher Craddock, Christine Sokaymoh Frederick, Darren Arsenault, Samuel Marty, Ashley Barlow, Tom Edwards, Adrian Young  and Whopper the Bear.

40 Below and Falling tells the story of Kate Carter (Jewel Staite), a small town school teacher who is moving back to the big city for her wedding. When a blizzard strikes, her flight gets cancelled and the roads are shut down, leaving Kate no choice but to hop on the back of a surly stranger named Redford’s (Shawn Roberts) snowmobile. As they battle the winter elements together and their adventures unfold, Kate slowly starts to question the choice she has made about the man she is set to marry.

With an exciting team of producers at the helm - Executive Producers Darren Arsenault, Corinne Ferguson, Pierre-Andre Rochat, Producer Andrew Scholotiuk and Associate Producer Jim Dorey - the film is off to a great start. 40 Below and Falling is currently scheduled to be broadcast in Canada on Super Channel in the fall of 2015, with an international release being handled by distributor DARO Films out of Monaco.

Join us on our filming adventures by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Vine and Instagram.

Facebook: 40 Below and Falling 3D
Twitter/Instagram/Vine: 40Below3D

For all media requests and inquiries please contact:
Mika Lirette at

Much more coming soon!


Check the first TV spot for Marvel's AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON!

Definitely some cool shots of the battle between Iron Man and Hulk. Can't wait for that! I anticipate that Marvel will pull out all the stops on that one - it's a pivotal thing.

The TV spot looks good, better than what we've seen before in my opinion and certainly longer, timing in at 1:40.

What do you think??

Here's the movie's storyline:
When Tony Stark tries to jump start a dormant peacekeeping program, things go awry and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, including Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye, are put to the ultimate test as the fate of the planet hangs in the balance. As the villainous Ultron emerges, it is up to The Avengers to stop him from enacting his terrible plans, and soon uneasy alliances and unexpected action pave the way for an epic and unique global adventure.

AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON opens on May 1st.

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